Bike Inverness

Overview of Bike Inverness

The City of Inverness is an advocate of alternative methods of transportation; not only does it help protect our environment, but it’s also a great way for our citizens to stay healthy and active. Cycling is one of best modes of alternative transportation.

The Withlacoochee State Trail (WST) runs on the northeast edge of Inverness, allowing for safe, easy access to downtown Inverness. You can find more information about the Withlacoochee State Trail on this page.

Because it is part of the state park system, the WST includes safety regulations that make it a perfect place for people of all ages and abilities to cycle with family, with friends, or as part of your personal exercise routine. Along with the rules, you’ll also want to be familiar with riding etiquette.

Cyclists who want to take their riding off the WST will find easy access to downtown with bike lanes on the main roads to accommodate safe travel. Since 2013, Bicycle Boulevard safely allows cyclists access between downtown and the Trail using North Apopka Avenue.

The WST and the Apopka cycling lanes aren’t the only bicycling opportunities in and around Inverness. We invite you to explore what else is in reach with this local Trail Network Map . Speaking of connecting, you can view all Florida Bicycle Trails here . That interactive map will let you zoom in and view details of all of the known Florida bike trails.

One of the key pieces in having a bicycle friendly community is for everyone – cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians – to know and follow the cycling laws.

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