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Posted on: June 18, 2017

The cyclist's holy grail tools

Inverness Trailhead Caboose

Just as with any other wheeled vehicle, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain her or his bicycle.

Just as with any other wheeled vehicle, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain her or his bicycle. Tires need to be filled to the appropriate levels. Chains should be cleaned and lubed periodically. Lights and reflectors enhance safety. Area bike shops can perform routine maintenance and YouTube offers unlimited videos on bike care.


I dislike flat tires and always hope I won’t have any – but they happen. So I carry an extra tire (folded), a couple of tubes, patch kit, tire levers, a multi-tool for bikes and a mini-pump. Others carry CO2 cartridges or even a full-size pump. I hate to get dirty so I carry disposable gloves and wipes.

Now, full disclosure here: I have never changed a tire while out bicycling. Ever. I have had flats, but a man (husband, friend, kind stranger) has always changed them for me. I can hear women cyclists everywhere raising their voices in vehement protest at my ignorance and irresponsibility. They are right. Every adult, no matter their gender, ought to know how to change their bicycle tires – or they should stay within walking range of their home or vehicle. I promise, ladies, I will do better!

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