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Posted on: November 7, 2017

Lola, A Balancing Act

Al and Lola

Lola the Chihuahua came into his life a few years ago and they’ve become quite the pair.

One of the cutest sights I have seen on the Trail has to be Al and Lola!

Al has been a bicyclist for years and moved to Florida from Tennessee.  Lola the Chihuahua came into his life a few years ago and they’ve become quite the pair.  He bought a Terra Trike recumbent trike from what is now David’s World Cycle here in Inverness and she took it from there – she figured out how to perch on his thigh as he pedals up and down the Trail.  Al describes it as a dance as she shifts to remain upright and alert to squirrels and other dogs – which explains why his leg doesn’t have permanent dog nail indentations!

Occasionally Lola jumps off the trike to get a short run in on her own, although Al keeps her close via a leash.

She may be tiny, but she’s a celebrity.  Up in Tennessee she has spent hours on the laps of some of the stars of the Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners and she’s even met Dolly Parton.  Al hopes to introduce her to even more celebrities as they travel together.

Lola has been a steady companion for Al, but has yet to complete one of her assignments – to bring the right woman into his life!

Al and Lola

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